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25 Apr 2015

Voice Lessons: How Using A Mic May Be Hurting Your Voice… and What To Do About It

Are you relying on mic, monitors, and sound engineers to be your sole source of vocal feedback? Are you manipulating your vocal technique on the fly to “fix” your sound? Do this on a repeated basis and chronic vocal issues may arise, and your career may be in jeopardy. Here’s how to use a sound system to your benefit….

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17 Apr 2015

Voice Lessons: Part 4 – Be Vocally Centered in Speech and Song with this Qigong Inspired Vocalization

Connecting the breath, the voice, and the body can take time. In the beginning, the sensation of placing the sound on the body may be unrecognizable… and that’s okay…let it begin as an idea, an intention, a thought around a new way to experience making sound.   Give this concept/sensation time. We spend so much […]

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