01 May 2015

Voice Lessons: Your New Go-To Vocal Warm-up



Are struggling with a breathy tone, vocal fatigue, or a tense tongue and larynx? 


Today, I am sharing with you a great warm-up to help clear up those issues and mmmmmooooore…

Photo Credit: pezibear pixabay
Photo Credit: pezibear pixabay


Why I love it…


When doing this exercise, you have several feedback sensations going on at one time…


– vibration in the mask

– lifted soft palate

– soft tongue position

– relaxed larynx


I use this up and down throughout the vocal range, but it is particularly helpful when…


-practicing high notes

-working through transition spots

– in the lower register of your voice…  all those little areas that need refinement.


Giving space and relaxation to the inside, making a resonant mmmmmm sound, then opening up to an uuuu vowel with small embouchure gives great insight as to the efficiency of how your tone is being made and sustained.


Watch the video and I will give you all the details…



When you feel that you have discovered the ease of this warm-up, open up to other vowel sounds…. Using this as the filter of the tone.


And don’t forget to…


– Use the yawn space or yawn breath to pre-pave your path to the lifted soft palate and relaxed larynx.


– Drop down into the pitch – avoid sliding up into the sound


– Keep stretching the soft palate up as you are creating sound… many of us have a lazy soft palate and it will want to fall


– Connect your breath – keep low and grounded in your body and breath as you work this new exercise into you body


I think you will love it! Now go play!

Until next week…always Rejoice In Your Voice™!

xoxox, Tricia



  1. Thank you so much for all these resources for singers, it has greatly benefited me over the last year, especially the mp3 warm ups. But somehow im not able to download any more of the beginner/hobbyist/professional mp3 warm ups. Please help.

    Thank you

    1. Hello, Anand ~ I am so glad you have found the warm-ups helpful. About a year ago I replaced the MP3’s with a video warm-up. I’m sorry, but I don’t offer the MP3’s any longer. Did you have a chance to download the videos? Many viewers are really enjoying them. If you are having any trouble with getting the video, let me know I will send them directly to your email. Best wishes with you singing!


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