17 Apr 2015

Voice Lessons: Part 4 – Be Vocally Centered in Speech and Song with this Qigong Inspired Vocalization

Connecting the breath, the voice, and the body can take time. In the beginning, the sensation of placing the sound on the body may be unrecognizable… and that’s okay…let it begin as an idea, an intention, a thought around a new way to experience making sound.


Give this concept/sensation time. We spend so much of our day being in our head that to switch to a new mindful focus may need nurturing. Don’t give up on the idea just because it isn’t quick or easy. And find the easiest way in… if this Qigong exercise doesn’t do it for you, but you love to dance…. add sound to your dancing… if dance isn’t it… but you love your morning bike ride…. What if you put sound to the circular pattern of your legs?


Ask yourself this question…. How can I integrate sustained sound into my daily movement?


My feeling is that we don’t need to compartmentalize our voice into speaking and singing – we can integrate the voice into everything we do and learn more about our relationship with our voice and how we express ourselves along the way. 


This week is the last of the four part series of the Qigong inspired vocalizations. This exercise brings awareness to not only the low belly breath, but the vertical core as well.


– Watch the video.


– Be open and curious.


– Gently release tension as it is revealed.


– Let your mind focus on freedom, open space, and the sensations of breath and sound melding.


– Have fun with it and give it time to go from learning a new exercise to being part of your muscle memory.


Until next week, always Rejoice In Your Voice ™!

xoxoxo, Tricia


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