Hi there! I’m Tricia, a singing instructor and professional singer, dedicated to helping you share your best voice with the world.

I have over 30 years of professional singing experience and have been teaching an integrated approach to voice for 25 years. I hold a Master of Music in Vocal Performance from the Manhattan School of Music in New York City and was a member of Actors Equity for 10 years. I teach students all over the world via Zoom or Facetime and in my private studio in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I am honored to serve vocalists singing all genres throughout the United States and in 20 different countries worldwide.

I support people just like you, all ages and stages, in attaining your vocal goals through one-on-one voice lessons in my home studio in Colorado Springs, on Zoom or FaceTime.


Offering this work supports singers and speakers in sharing their voice with confidence, strength, and soulful expression. This allows them to connect more deeply with themselves and their audience. In the broader sense, this study encourages the vocal world to be one of health, authentic creation, and heart-to-heart connection.

With the tools I use, my clients learn to listen and trust their inner guidance system and co-create sound that exceeds expectations and delivers powerful results. They step out of fear and judgment and choose to embody vocal freedom, vulnerability, and creativity.

I am in awe of the beauty of this work.

My Background

Music and storytelling have been my constant companions.

I was a shy, introverted child, and I found the world of music and words to be a friendly refuge. From a young age, for fun, I read out loud the poetry of Lord Byron, the text of Shakespeare plays, and the librettos of operas.

While other kids were playing with Barbie dolls or Monopoly, I would sing along with the LPs of Pavarotti, Beverly Sills, Julie Andrews, Uma Sumac, Michael Jackson, Queen, and Pink Floyd.

Hours were given to piano lessons, school and church solos, choir, voice lessons with my Mom, singing harmony with my parents in the car, community theater, and acting.

At sixteen years old, I was cast in my first opera and I never looked back.

I dove into acting classes, learned musical theater and operetta rep, crafted monologues, and took dance instruction. I auditioned for every show and workshop in my area. Landed roles and built my stage resume. I sang for banquets, luncheons, weddings, funerals, and house concerts. I had a regular church job. Performed the national anthem for professional sporting events, airshows, and Veteran celebrations.

I went on to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in vocal performance and continued to sing professionally after graduation.

Click this link to hear and watch my recent performances.”

My Personal Results

The techniques I share with my clients, I have refined over years of personal application and performing. My study has greatly enhanced my life, kept my voice healthy, and supported my ongoing singing career. I share these proven techniques and tools with my clients.

Over the years, I was very fortunate to have many wonderful teachers, but there was a piece missing in my development. This led to me chronically losing my voice, battling the harsh inner critic, combating intense fear and judgment to the point of feeling I had two choices; I could quit the business or be miserable in the business.

Thankfully, I met a mentor who gave me back my hope, my voice, and my love for performing. She helped me refocus the inner voice of judgment to one of acceptance, love, and play. She connected me to my body to wholly support my voice and gave me techniques to sustain an active performing schedule.

Having done this work for twenty years, I don’t lose my voice anymore. I don’t get sick. I can sing all genres without strain or fatigue. I teach a full studio and perform professional gigs on a regular basis and my voice feels better and better the more I connect and sing. I have the tools to get out of my own way and truly rejoice in my voice. This work is a life-saving treasure and I want to share it with you.

My Clients Do the Deeper Work

My clients are not those who want a quick fix or a fly-by-night technique; they are on a quest for their deeper truth — in their music, in their voice, and in their life. They want to offer what they discover with an open heart that moves audiences. The work we do is shifting the world for good.