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21 Feb 2014

Singing Lessons: This Full Body Warm-up Will Help Open Up Your Voice – Part 1

As a singer,actor, or public speaker you are your instrument. We are very much like athletes… conditioning our bodies and minds; fine-tuning our skills for peak performance. We cultivate stamina, endurance, flexibility, and expect consistent results. Unnecessary tension may hinder our true voices from being expressed. But like an athlete, a good warm-up may unleash potential and positively impact our process, as well as help in meeting our goals.  It is for this reason that over the next few weeks, I am sharing with you a series of warm-ups that will… alleviate tension, enhance focus, and encourage space for a relaxed and open sound.

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14 Feb 2014

Singing Lessons: 6 Must-Do-Steps When Learning Your New Song

  Six Must-Do-Steps When Learning Your New Song   So, you picked a new song. You love it…it is in your vocal range, sits nicely in your tessitura, and is a piece you feel drawn to perform.   Now what?   Here are my six must-do-steps when learning a new song and a process that I encourage […]

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30 Jan 2014

Are You a 10 or a 1? Create Your Own Evaluation System To Ensure Singing Success

Create your own flexible evaluation system that takes judgments and critiques out of your head and puts them on paper. With your new assessment process, the next time you listen to someone or want to improve a recording of yourself, you will have better tools to ensure your singing success and structured starting point to meet your performing goals.

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18 Jan 2014

Change a limited belief about your singing with this simple process!

Here is simple exercise that I have used to flush out and shift a limiting belief. It is a valuable starting point… and the awareness I have received with this process has been truly helpful… For me, a trigger belief ended up being a pathway to understanding something much deeper about myself and my purpose. How cool is that?!?!

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11 Jan 2014

Who Inspired Your Passion? An Interview with my “Drama Mama”

Before heading into 2014, I took some time to reflect on the beginning of my love for music. Where did it all start? All spotlights point to my sweet “drama mama.” Mom has a bigger than life personality, is fearless in crowds, and never hesitates to sing a high C at any given moment… we won’t even go into her soprano “who-hooo” that beckons her children and grandchildren over isles and rounders in every public grocery or clothing store. Growing up, music filled our home. Melodies played on thick latex records introduced me to Robert Goulet, Beverly Sills, and Yuma Sumac. We enjoyed family outings to symphony concerts and ballet in the park. Dad, Mom, and I would often gather round the piano and sing hymns in 3-part harmony and, on our frequent road-trips, Spirituals and folk songs made the miles pass with ease. A fond music memory includes listening to Mom sing  Summertime and Lord’s Prayer for civic events. “Summertime, and the living is easy!”

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