18 Jan 2014

Change a limited belief about your singing with this simple process!




“Tricia, you have a small voice.”


In college, a vocal professor once told me I had a small voice. At the age of 19, I carried with me big dreams, big aspirations, and big visions of what I wanted to accomplish with my performing. The idea of “small” did not sit well with me. While this professor meant no harm, the way I interpreted it, based on my life experience, was that I must not be trying hard enough.


Vocal Complications


Subconsciously, I adopted his words as a belief and one that I literally pushed through most of my career. In my subtle way to prove that my voice was indeed big enough, I began to muscle my way through my singing. I forced air through my larynx, overused consonants, drove high notes, and allowed my jaw and tongue to be aggressively involved in my singing. I was able to get away with it for a while, but eventually this type of singing took its toll.  I would sing a role and, by the end of the evening, my voice was tired and on the verge of hoarseness. There were a couple of shows that I performed in that I had to take prescribed anti-inflammatory medication to bring the swelling down in my vocal folds so I could sing.


Dreams Faded


At the time, I had no idea what was going on and unfortunately there wasn’t a teacher or coach that could correctly diagnose my symptoms and help me find solutions. I felt so discouraged. As the initial belief came full circle, I believed the very music that I loved so much was now causing me to experience physical complications. Perhaps the professor was right. I did have a small voice. Which to me meant that I was too weak to make in it in the business I loved so much. I stopped auditioning. I stopped practicing. I stopped growing. My big visions and dreams I held so dear dwindled away and were replaced by “responsibilities” and busing myself with “noble” distractions.


Deeper Conflict


In hindsight, I now see that this vocal professor simply triggered an already established belief that was deeply rooted in my self-esteem and related to my view of my self worth. I interpreted it in a fashion that did not help me reach my goals and I was not, for whatever reason, able to find clarity around that belief until much later. 


Solution Found


It is for this reason that I want to share with you a simple exercise that I have used to flush out and shift a limiting belief. It is a valuable starting point… and the awareness I have received with this process has been truly helpful… And, very often as with my above example… what I thought to be the trigger belief really ended up being a pathway to something much deeper. How cool is that?!?!


Try This Process to Shift Your Limiting Belief


Below is the process. It is a mix of several influences….and I keep tweaking it as I continue on my own personal development path.


On a piece of paper write the answers to the following….


1. What is one limiting belief you have about your voice?


2. How does this belief make you feel?


3. How is this belief keeping you from meeting your goals?


4. Who would you be without this belief?

Take time to craft it specifically in the areas of your performing, practicing, and auditioning….even addressing the relationships with other cast members and artists.


5. Write the new and expanded belief about your voice.


6. Write how this makes your feel.


7. How does this belief help you meet your goals?


8. Take yourself now through a visualization or script of a specific situation with your new belief. 

As life coach, Kat Wells suggested to me… “Create the script as if you are explaining to a news reporter the details you experienced about an event that already happened.” Your amazing audition…your wonderful performance… your strategic conversation with a new agent.


9. Create an affirmation card that embodies your new belief. Place it somewhere you can see it. Memorize it and recite it when exercising and before an audition, lesson, or performance.


10. Create an action list that you want to accomplish given your new belief.


Where I am now


Today, I understand how to create a healthy and efficient sound that is just perfect for me and my voice/body type. I perform often and enjoy every moment of it. Most importantly, I have a new belief system around my singing and life that helps me reach and fulfill my big dreams.


Your Heart is Made to Sing


Now, for fun, take your new belief into the practice room and sing knowing you are worth it. You are valuable. You are beautiful. You are unique. You are an amazing creation. You have a purpose. Your dreams are important and your heart is made to sing. Your voice is heard. 


Remember, always Rejoice In Your Voice™


Much love to you, 

Tricia xoxoxox


P.S. I love your comments. Share with me below how this exercise worked for you, or pass it on to a friend that may benefit from this exercise.

If it feels right, share with me a limiting belief you had and how you shifted it. Thanks so much for reading! 



  1. Tricia, I may not be able to sing a note, but this advice is so spot-on for ANY limiting belief! I’m printing out your steps to work through a limiting belief or two right now. Thank you!

    1. Ohhh, Lori….my mom would say “If you can talk you can sing!” and there is a fun quote by Josh Groban that says something like “We are all rock stars in the shower!!!” So, rock on, sister!!! I am sooo glad that you saw the potential for this exercise with any belief. I use it all the time in many areas of my life. Best wishes!

  2. This is so true on many levels. I see it in myself after having so many kids in such a short time span that I had to keep “reinventing the wheel”; so to speak. I guess I do relate to this on an identity crisis sort of way – having to love who you are and even more so, knowing who you are is such an amazing discovery and event that it can take its toll. But when we finally do except and embrace our own “self” we can then truly start living. Brava for you Tricia Leines Pine for being so brave in starting your own business and sharing your beauty and knowledge – you have so many amazing talents!!!

    1. Thank you, Sonya, so much! You are so sweet! In all the different roles we play, on stage and in life, I, like you, show up with the intention of coming from an authentic self…what a beautiful journey! I love it! You are so talented and resourceful that reinventing the wheel is a great way to put it… each turn bringing us closer to awareness 🙂 Fun stuff! Thank you again for your kind words. xoxoxo


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