31 Oct 2013

Quick Tip to Singing Better Today: Open Up Your Voice With One Easy Action

One Quick and Easy Solution to Free Up Your Voice and Sing Better Now


This week I had the privilege of working with three local high school choirs. I was invited in as a clinician to share with them some exercises to support their understanding of breath management. My teaching theme was “Freedom, Flexibility, and Space,” and as we worked the different concepts, I witnessed many “ah-ha” moments, but one unplanned exercise delivered instant results.


When each choir sang for me, I offered an adjustment and instantly their sound was more free and open.


I use this same adjustment when working on my own pieces and with my private voice students…but after hearing the impact of it working with a choir of young voices, I knew I needed to tell you about it…


So here it is…passed on to me by my friend and teacher Madeline Abel-Kerns of the Body Breath Sing Method™…


It is so simple…you are gonna love it….


Try This


1. Choose a song or aria

2. Pick you favorite vowel

3. Gently jog in place while singing the melody on a vowel

4. Gently jog in place while singing the words


I know what your thinking! No way! Jog in place? Yes…jog in place while singing your song.  Sometimes I even jog around my studio…


Why It Works


This very simple action releases tension or “holding in” the ribs, abdominals, neck, spine, and jaw, and it allows your low belly-breath to engage.  The body is more free, more flexible, and allows for more space – as a result, your breath moves more freely and your voice comes out with more fullness.


Plus, the mental distraction of jogging is very useful – with you body in action, your mind is left focusing on creating sound in a new way.  



Now as you stand in place to sing your song or aria, let your body remember that sense of flexibility that you had while jogging.


Try this easy adjustment when you practice today, and if you know a friend that may want to free up their singing voice…pass it on so he or she may sing with more freedom, flexibility, space, and joy 🙂 


There ya go! Have fun…release all judgment…and Rejoice In Your Voice™ today!



  1. Ok, now that is just cool! I’m always amazed by little tricks like that – so simple, but I wonder how someone figured it out. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Emily! I am so happy you thought it was helpful. I have often wondered too who first did this and discovered how great it was 🙂 A big thanks to that very creative person 🙂 Great to hear from you! Have a beautiful week!

  2. That is something what i thought also , totry out.. before i ever landed to read your blog. But instead of sthe song.. had idea to do the jogging while practising vokalises. It should by the way help with the stamina also….

    1. Yes! Great instincts! Use it with your warm-ups, while vocalizing, on phrases of music or entire songs… the movement helps get the breath moving, releases jaw the jaw, and as you said… builds stamina 🙂 Have fun!


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