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19 Dec 2014

Change Your Physiology… Change Your Outcome – Simple, Yet Powerful Tools For Your Performance

But if we can, in those tender moments, remind ourselves of the bigger picture, our greater strength and the inner vision we serve… and moment by moment, inch by inch, give ourselves permission to change our physical state, take the time to fake it ‘til we make it… and through those breaths of courage, science supports and data proves that we will find ourselves stronger, more confident, and presenting better.

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21 Nov 2014

Singing Lessons: Want a simple tool to get into the “feel” of your singing voice?… just close your eyes!

Singers are smart.  We know how to take in information from a multitude of sources, make adjustments, and instantly apply it to our work; from the practice room to lessons, auditions, rehearsals, and to performances, we are highly observant, coachable, and eager to serve. But sometimes this outward focus may become our dominant tool and we forget to nurture the inner feel of the voice.

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