23 Jan 2015

Don’t Let Fear Shut Down Your Voice – Try This!

Rather than whistle while you work… I say sing while you work.


A friend asked me the other day, “What can I do to get over my fear of singing in front of people? I get so nervous.” 


This is a great question… and she is not alone. Me too!

As I shared with my friend, professionals still get nervous and, sorry to say, fear is a part of performing, it’s natural, BUT there are tools to manage our fear. 


Today, I am giving you a go-to tool for better performing.



Click on the above video to hear this lesson directly from me 🙂


It is not very sexy and it is not a quick fix… but it does work.


– The tool is time. Yes, time. Give yourself plenty of time to practice the song into your muscle memory.


Photo: Pixabay - Tentes
Photo: Pixabay – Tentes


– Then add movement…. this helps get the music out of your head and “into the body.” 


– Next, I like to add housework. No joke.


Taking your song into the mundane areas of your life will give you great awareness of where the memory gaps are and where you can easily go on autopilot and get the “work” done.


I know what you are thinking. “Tricia, I thought you wanted us in a feeling place all the time… why autopilot?”


You are right. I do want you in a feeling place… but, as we layer in the details of managing our fear, I want your lyrics to be so much a part of your body that once you add feeling, and fear is a feeling, those words and melody won’t leave you. Knowing this is not only a huge confidence builder, but also integral to being present with yourself and your audience in the performance moment.


I want to get you to a place where the words, notes, and acting choices are solid so when the fear shows up… it isn’t a big bully taking over the show, but rather a pesky little brother that can be easily drawn into the fun.


Plus, you will be surprised how many cool nuances work their way into your piece when you practice while driving, making the bed, going for a walk, folding clothes, doing the dishes, and taking the dog for a walk. Great ideas will flutter your way one right after the other… simply because you are open in a new way.


Photo: Pixabay - blickpixel
Photo: Pixabay – blickpixel


This month, I am learning a new song. I want to perform it February 15th for my performance class. I have an elliptical exercise machine and I am taking my tennis shoes and lyrics page and integrating movement and memorization… ensuring that when fear bubbles up… I am ready.


Try this on your next song and let me know how it goes in the comment section below…

Until then, always Rejoice In Your Voice™!

xoxoxo Tricia


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