08 Dec 2014

Singing Lessons: Tools to Fine-Tune Your Vocal Resonance Using “NG”


Finding an easy and resonant “ng” space can help you sing with more freedom… especially on those hard to reach notes.


Watch the video above for demonstration and teaching…


I am finding in my work that many singers have unnecessary tension in their larynx.

This can show up in the voice as a breathy or strained tone.

The singer may tire easily or even struggle with chronic hoarseness.


One way to take the pressure off the larynx and create a clear resonate tone is by making sound through the consonant blend of the “ng.”


The “ng,” when purely in the nasal passage, is a healthful place to feel or “place “ the sound; not too much air is needed and it can feel small, but the resonance is efficient.


But sometimes finding the “sweet spot” can be a challenge, and because I want you feel it… here are some tools to help.


1. While making the “ng” sound, place your fingers on your face around your nose and sense the “buzz” of the sound vibrating in your nasal cavity… it will be subtle.


2. While making the “ng” sound, plug your nose. The sound should stop completely.


3. Think of a little tiny puppy, now make a very small whine sound. Use that “whine” space to make the “ng.”


Photo By: Morten Skovgaard and Pharaoh Hound
Photo By: Morten Skovgaard and Pharaoh Hound


4. Before making the “ng” sound, drop the jaw and lift the soft palate as if you are yawning. I have found that it is easier to drop into the “ng” from this space.


Once you have found and easy, focused, and small “ng” space, play with transitioning to a vowel sound.  I like to start ahhh. Make your ahhh with a slight drop in the back of the tongue. Then move to other vowels.


Use an “ng” when warming up and when learning a new song. Try “ng-ing” the entire melody… then work to the vowels, then add consonants – always filtering through the “ng” space.


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I would love to hear from you… let me know how this works for you in the comment section below…


Always Rejoice In Your Voice™!

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