19 Dec 2014

Change Your Physiology… Change Your Outcome – Simple, Yet Powerful Tools For Your Performance

Built into the study of singing and public speaking is a powerful physiology.

Feet grounded, strong legs, shoulders slightly back, tiny lift in the sternum, arms and hands relaxed, head in neutral position and eyes focused…


Little did I know that all those years of voice lessons were giving me a good foundation to lift my mood and increase my overall success and confidence… but I wasn’t yet using it strategically.


Photo from Fliker: Tony Robbins, By Brian Solis, Twitter Conference
Photo from Fliker: Tony Robbins, By Brian Solis, Twitter Conference


In 1999, while living in New York City, I discovered the work of Tony Robbins, and it was through his teachings that I learned about changing my state and altering my physiology to improve confidence and increase self-esteem.


His suggestions helped me in auditions and performances, and positively impacted my voice – as I took the time to do the body and mind work before I walked into my teacher’s studio.


I have since continued my study of how body language influences physiology through the writings and videos by well-known authors and speakers. As I incorporate these suggestions in my own teaching studio, I see the improvements. 


Today, I would like to share with you four short but inspiring and informative videos to help you bring awareness to your body and make some simple changes that could dramatically impact your practice time, auditioning, performing, presenting, and even improve your overall mood.


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Click on the link below the image… Here we go… enjoy!


Screen shot 2014-12-19 at 8.45.01 AM



Screen shot 2014-12-19 at 8.43.35 AM



Screen shot 2014-12-19 at 8.42.00 AM



Now that you have watched the above videos… 


Let’s Apply These Tools


– While you are warming-up or practicing…


– Before you audition or perform…


– Sitting or standing…


Do This With Your Body


1. Feet shoulder width apart, feeling rooted or grounded into the floor


2. Centered and energized in your core (low abdomen area)


3. Lengthened and feeling tall and flexible in your spine


4. Shoulders slightly back


Amy Cuddy


5. Lift in the heart


6. Head in neutral position, resting gently atop the spine


7. Breathe into the low belly


8. Smile!


Play with… holding power poses for two minutes

1. Hands on Hips

2. Hands behind your head

3. Arms up in victory


Play with… open body posture and hand gestures

1. Arms resting in neutral position

2. Gesture out and open

3. Palms up


Play with… facial expressions

1. Smile

2. Lifted eyebrows

3. Focused Eye Contact


Fake it til you make it


When we are nervous, scared, unsure, or feeling insecure, it is easy to allow the body to shrink, fold in, or close-up.



This is natural and intuitive…



But if we can, in those tender moments, remind ourselves of the bigger picture, our greater strength and the inner vision we serve… and moment by moment, inch by inch, give ourselves permission to change our physical state, take the time to fake it ‘til we make it… and through those breaths of courage, science supports and data proves that we will find ourselves stronger, more confident, and presenting better.


Your art, your audience, and you deserve this!


Stand tall, breathe deeply, smile – change your life – change your world!


Have a wonderful week and always Rejoice In Your Voice™!

xoxoxo Tricia


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