16 Jan 2015

Find Your Vocal Core With Low Belly Breathing

Low belly breathing is a concept taught in martial arts, mediation, and some exercise methods, and it is the foundation of all of my voice lessons.  From speaking to singing, low belly breathing is literally at the core of a strong, expressive and confident voice.


Before you dash into your next rehearsal, networking group, recording session, or just sit down to make your daily phone calls, take the time to get connected with your breath… your vocal “center.”


You may do this standing or sitting. For this example I will share the practice while standing… watch the below video for full instruction.



As you start to navigate from this place in your speaking and singing, you may find that it helps to inform all aspects of your life.


I attended a five-day conference last week, and the leader spoke of the core as the “power center; the body’s representation of the present moment… listen from the power center and you’ll hear what you should be hearing,” rather than all the gobbley-goop from our head.


Close your eyes. Pull your attention to your core. Drop deep into the low belly. Inhale. Exhale. Breathe. Exhale adding sustained sound. Phonate from this grounded, anchored place and feel your vocal core resonate with strength, emotion, and confidence. Let me know how this practice works for you.


Until next week… always Rejoice In Your Voice!

xoxoxox, Tricia




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