21 Nov 2014

Singing Lessons: Want a simple tool to get into the “feel” of your singing voice?… just close your eyes!


Singers are smart.  We know how to take in information from a multitude of sources, make adjustments, and instantly apply it to our work; from the practice room to lessons, auditions, rehearsals, and to performances, we are highly observant, coachable, and eager to serve.


But sometimes this outward focus may become our dominant tool and we forget to nurture the inner feel of the voice. 


One very simple way I have found to shut out the world and concentrate on feeling the voice is by closing my eyes.


Digital Art By: bykeyva
Digital Art By: bykeyva


When my eyes are open, it is easy to get distracted by surrounding images; something will trigger an errand I forgot to complete, I will see a stack of music and remember a new song I want to learn, or list of household chores will start ticking away in my brain… dusting, vacuuming, making dinner… all distractions from the intimate work with my voice.


The mind is necessary for our progress, but we could do ourselves a favor and be more strategic in the mind’s focus.


Drawing your attention inward with closed eyes allows you to magnify the sensations of breath, resonance, placement, and over-all body awareness. You may have an area of tension that needs to be worked out, but because you are so busy in your head, you may miss it or push through it.  That note or phrase that is causing you frustration may be remedied if you focus more deeply on the feel and allow your body to inform you.


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Flickr Composite Image By: Jun-ichiro Seyama
Flickr Composite Image By: Jun-ichiro Seyama


Next time you are warming-up, working on a piece, or getting ready to walk on to the audition or performance stage, take a few moments – close your eyes, connect with the feel of your breath and voice in your body. Offer yourself a chance go deeply into your instrument and find your divine guidance and creative balance.


I would love to hear from you… in the comment section below, let me know how this one simple adjustment works for you.

Until next week… Always Rejoice In Your Voice™!

xoxoxox Tricia


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