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19 Dec 2014

Change Your Physiology… Change Your Outcome – Simple, Yet Powerful Tools For Your Performance

But if we can, in those tender moments, remind ourselves of the bigger picture, our greater strength and the inner vision we serve… and moment by moment, inch by inch, give ourselves permission to change our physical state, take the time to fake it ‘til we make it… and through those breaths of courage, science supports and data proves that we will find ourselves stronger, more confident, and presenting better.

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26 Sep 2014

How Understanding Your Giving Philosophy May Help You Perform Better

We often talk about the “gift of song” and this week I realized how closely my gift-giving philosophy and my giving-of-song philosophy were related. I discovered some interesting things – some I liked… others need some revision.

How we live is how we sing and I found this area to be no exception. Join me as we take a look a giving in our lives and in our music…

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29 Aug 2014

Masterclass Podcast: Interview with Dr. Gwen Overland – Singer, Director, Instructor and Mind-Set Master!

Welcome to the Rejoice In Your Voice™ Masterclass Podcast, where I interview industry professionals, asking important questions of conductors, agents, singers, coaches, teachers, and directors, sharing powerful knowledge to help you craft your path to performing success! I want you to have the thriving singer’s life you deserve!         This month, I […]

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13 Aug 2014

Nurture Well-Being in Your Creative Life with This Powerful List

Click on the above video to the introduction to this blog post…   Nurturing well-being in your creative life may lead to wonderful side effects, like feeling a sense of clarity, purpose, support, faith, inspiration, joy, even having more physical energy.    While today I take conscious steps to support myself through daily practices, this […]

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