13 Aug 2014

Nurture Well-Being in Your Creative Life with This Powerful List

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Nurturing well-being in your creative life may lead to wonderful side effects, like feeling a sense of clarity, purpose, support, faith, inspiration, joy, even having more physical energy. 


While today I take conscious steps to support myself through daily practices, this was not always the case.


I was very much wrapped up in the struggling artist mentality.


If it wasn’t hard, I wouldn’t do it, and if it was easy, I would find a way to make it hard.


Funny thing is, I am a naturally optimist person, but I got caught up in the illusion of finding significance, purpose, and connection through complaining, fatigue, comparison, and/or judgement.


It was one big “Woe is me!” contest and my prize?…  a nice, big gold star on my completed to-do list! Gee, thanks!


Thankfully, this provided a lot of contrast in my life.. tears, frustration, anger.


As they say, “I got sick and tired of being sick and tired.”


I started asking different questions, listening to uplifting speakers, surrounding myself by people that brought me joy, making small shifts in my words, thoughts and deeds that helped me align myself with the true me.


Anthony Robbins: Personal Development Coach
Anthony Robbins: Personal Development Coach with lots of uplifting material on youtube


Now, I wouldn’t think of not writing in my journal every morning, or not making my gratitude list, not doing my prayer and meditation, not going for a walk, not listening to inspiring youtube videos or singing. These are the very things that set my day up for clarity, deep connection, awareness, joy, love, energy, creativity, and service.


I am more efficient and financially stable than I have ever been.


The cool thing is that I am not done refining my process of wellbeing in my life. And there are some days that I am more in balance than others.


I love the idea that I will never have it all figured out.


love the idea that I expand in awareness everyday. 


I love the idea that I can make choices daily to support the life I love. 


Part of that life that I adore is being here with you… and one way I serve you is passing on information that I found helpful. 


This week I came across a brochure offering suggestions, tools, and ideas to create well-being in life. I am sucker for lists – especially when it has to do with mind-set.


I found some things in this pamphlet that I would like to incorporate into my life, and I thought maybe you may be inspired as well…


So here it is… take what you like and leave the rest 🙂



“The Self Help Guide to Mental Health” – brochure from Sound Mind™


A happy, healthy lifestyle is paramount to your well-being and sound mental health. That’s why it is so important to take care of yourself and maintain good living habits to ensure a positive, productive life.


Listed below are some simple, basic guidelines to good physical well-being that you might want to invest in first. Sometimes a simple adjustment in your lifestyle can do wonders to keep your mind balanced. And if you feel good physically, a healthy mental state should naturally follow.



Remember to:


 – Eat a well-balanced, nutritious diet with ample fluids


– Make sure you don’t skip a meal, and if you must snack, make sure snacks are nutritious and healthy


– Get plenty of rest. Sleep restores the body’s physical and mental energy reserves




– Exercise daily



The Keys to Life and Sound Mental Well-Being


Have a sense of humor – The ability to seek and find humor and laughter in any given situation will help you gain new perspectives, reduce stress and make others smile.





Learn – Always be open to learning new ideas and gaining knowledge of the world around you. It will contribute to your happiness


Resiliency – Learn to bounce back from life’s experiences. Take what you’re handed, deal with it and turn it into a learning experience


Courage – Never turn away from a fear or a challenge. Be able to challenge rejection and find out just how much you might accomplish


Meaning and Purpose – Find out what you are doing to satisfy yourself and others


Good Physical Health



A good mental outlook is also vital to one’s sound mental health. 


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Be aware of some aspect of your life that may need some attention, such as:


– Liking yourself and having high self-esteem


– Allow yourself to make decisions and feel empowered by them


– Be optimistic as you approach each day


– Share your feelings. Talking about them and being listened to are vital to your mental health


Photo By: Ian Mackenzie
Photo By: Ian Mackenzie


– Don’t stew about situations, especially those you cannot change or control



Some days you may feel like all you do is work, run around after children, take care of problems at the office or at home.


Take a step back and try to figure out when you can fit time in for yourself and do it. It may not happen overnight, but you will most likely begin to feel less stressed sooner than you think.


If you take some genuine time for yourself to get your mind off of your stressors, it can help overcome your mental health battle. But remember, good results come with time.



Balance work and play – it is vital to set aside time for yourself and do the things you like to do


Take an active role in helping children – it helps develop positive qualities and may give one’s life more meaning and purpose


Spend some more time outdoors – avoid canned, prepackaged entertainment




Avoid isolating yourself – get involved in a community that does good for other people. It will give you a sense of sharing and fulfillment


Pay attention to your spiritual needs



It is very important to manage your daily stress levels. By practicing good stress-relieving activities instead of bottling up stress, you will be less susceptible to stress-related symptoms and diseases.



If you feel yourself getting “frazzled” try the flowing techniques:


– Practice yoga or meditation


– Try some mental health therapy such as art therapy, dance or movement therapy or guided imagery/visualization


– Get a massage


– Try some Tai Chi or stretching exercises


– Avoid excessive exposure to television. The amount of violence in the news and main-stream programing can affect the emotional balance of some people


– Try reading the news rather than watching it on TV


– Listen to mellow, relaxing music




– Learn another language in your spare time


– Do volunteer work


– Get organized and avoid procrastination; that includes personal as well as financial organization


Don’t substitute quality stress relief with the following:


– Having an alcoholic drink to “calm down” or to better “handle stress”


– Excessive sleeping to “forget about your problems”


– Using drugs to “get away from your stressors”


– Don’t overeat or use “comfort food” to make yourself feel better


– Sound mental health starts with the way you care for yourself



By taking advantage of some of the suggestions and solutions mentioned, you will be on your way to a more content, peaceful life.


If you do notice any sudden changes in your mood or behavior or in your physical well-being, make an appointment with your health care provider.



Be honest and open at your appointment and share:


– Exactly how you have been feeling


– What may or may not be troubling you


– Bring with you a journal of any unusual thoughts or behaviors


Photo By: Catusowa


– Monitor your eating and sleeping habits so the doctor will have a better handle on them as well


– Document any unusual aches and pains or tiredness you may be experiencing


 And finally –


– Keep track of moods and emotions so you can discuss them with you doctor



So what do you think? Did something pull on your heart? 


I would love to hear from you…




1. What is something you do on a daily basis that supports your well-being? 


2. What is one action that you would like to add to your day that you feel would bring more well-being to your life? 


Please share your thoughts in the comment section below! Thank you! 


While life may give us challenges that throw us off a bit, may we prepave our days with things that help us return to our balance more easily.



Let’s leave most of that suffering to the characters we play on stage! 


xoxox, Tricia



  1. What a great comprehensive list here Tricia! something for everyone!!

  2. Tricia, you had me at the word ‘mindset’! This is an amazing list, no wonder you felt compelled to share it. Thank you!

  3. What a wonderful brochure! So important with the world the way it is lately. And so timely after the passing of the amazing, beautiful Robin Williams – RIP.

    “1. What is something you do on a daily basis that supports your well-being?” Reading, having some form of music/singing, nurture a plant, try to find at least one thing to smile/laugh about.

    “2. What is one action that you would like to add to your day that you feel would bring more well-being to your life?” Soothe myself with positive words and nurture my brain.

    Tricia, you provide so much nourishment – we “adore being here with you” too. 🙂


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