29 Aug 2014

Masterclass Podcast: Interview with Dr. Gwen Overland – Singer, Director, Instructor and Mind-Set Master!

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Dr. Gwendolyn Overland
Dr. Gwendolyn Overland


This month, I have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Gwendolyn Overland.  I visited with Gwen in her lovely Ashland home which doubles as her vocal studio and writing haven.


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Dr. Overland is a successful singer, pianist, writer, actress, director, instructor, and founder of Expressive Voice Dynamics.


In this interview Gwen shares:


– Strategies to work with creative resistance


– Her personal method to stay creatively focused


– How to be your own boss without beating yourself up


– Powerful words to support your creative mind-set


I first worked with Gwen during a production of The Mikado. She was the director and I was playing the role of Yum-Yum. While rehearsing the show, Gwen had the unique ability to give my cast members and me both creative freedom and strong directive structure. It was through her clear visions and flexibility that we co-created a successful run of this classic show. 






Gwendolyn Overland has continued her career as an instructor in higher education for over 30 years and holds Masters Degrees in Music, Theatre and Psychology. In addition, she holds a PhD in Theatre Arts from UCLA, and will soon receive her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Meridian University in Petaluma, California. Currently she teaches courses in Psychology and Human Services at Rogue Community College in Medford, Oregon.  Gwen has worked at such agencies as OnTrack, Inc. and Kolpia Counseling, both located in Jackson County, Oregon.


Currently, she is in private practice as an expressive voice coach, specializing in helping those with issues related to psychic barriers which prevent full liberation of self expression. In addition, she is an associate member of Next Stage, a professional acting company housed at the Craterian.



Gwen in the production of "The Old Time Radio Show"
Gwen in the production of The Old Time Radio Show



She is a member of Actors Equity Association, Romantic Writers Association, International Expressive Arts Therapists Association, and Soroptimist International of Ashland. Her current business, Expressive Voice Dynamics, takes her all over the world promoting her message: the transformative power of the voice. Soon to be published is her book, The Soul of Voice, which explains the methodology behind her work as a voice practitioner. It also includes 11 selected case studies of the work she has done and continues to do with her clients/students.


Gwen’s Website: Expressive Voice Dynamics


Gwen’s Facebook Page: Expressive Voice Dynamics


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