24 Oct 2014

What’s In Your “Singing” Safety Deposit Box? – Singer’s Mind-Set Activity

Photo by: DPA


Who is important to you?


What do you hold valuable?


What would you put in your safe deposit box?


Last weekend, I traveled to Oregon to handle some details involving my mom’s estate.  Mom passed away last month, and as the executor, one of my duties is closing bank accounts and retrieving items from her safe deposit box.


It was a busy 3 days. When I visited the vault of my Mom’s bank, what I found in her safe deposit box brought me to tears


and inspired this week’s activity.


Watch the below video for details….



Here are some ideas to get you started…


14 Things to Put in Your Singing Safe Deposit Box


1. Card from someone you love


2. Prop or costume piece from your favorite show


3. Letter or card from a Fan, or a review that proclaimed your awesomeness


4. Photo of someone that inspires you


5. Quote to keep your perspective when things get rough


6. DVD of your favorite singer, show, or opera


7. Spiritual keepsake




8. Image of your favorite performance venue


9. Cast photo


10. Supportive family/friend photo


11. Thank you note to yourself


12. Thank you note to your family


13. Favorite Book


14. Trinket from a memorable show tour


I would love to hear your ideas for your Singing Safe Deposit Box in the comment section below… what made your MVP list?


Put this box somewhere special and revisit it when you need a boost in perspective, and remember…


The life you are creating is beautiful and the relationships dear.


The many forms of wealth in your life give you all you need to thrive.


You are living the good life!


Until next week… Rejoice In Your Voice™!


xoxoxo Tricia


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