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20 Nov 2016

Resonance – How are you using your vocal resonators?

Your resonance is what makes the color of your sound… your tone. Understanding what your resonators are may help allow for a sound that not only feels better, but sound better as well…less strain, less breathiness, less push, or more natural volume.

In this video I share a brief overview of resonance and offer some ideas on how to use them.

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19 Sep 2014

Music In ICU: How It Brought My Mother Comfort and Connection

It was the call that shifted everything. “Tricia, Mom has a 50% chance of living. I can’t do this alone. You need to get on the next flight to Medford.” Music has played many roles in my life, but over the last two weeks it has come full circle, back to the very person that gave me life, song, and an unquenchable desire to serve.

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