02 Oct 2014

Loosen-up! 5 Go-To Tools for Singing with a Relaxed Jaw

Click above video to learn 5 tools to help you sing with a relaxed jaw.


5 Tools for Singing with a Relaxed Jaw


For many singers the jaw can be a spot of tension.


In fact, while living in New York, my voice teacher would remind me, “Tricia, the jaw is for eating, not singing.”


But, it is not surprising that our jaws may be a bit tight or over-involved while singing – it is a powerhouse muscle.


A Library of Congress website shares that the jaw, or more specifically the Masseter, is one of the strongest muscles in our bodies. And it has the potential to close with 200 pounds of pressure! 


Wikipedia - Berichard - Bonamy Atlas 1854
Wikipedia – Berichard – Bonamy Atlas 1854


And, according to a Discovery magazine article, scientist Dr. Wroe studied six primate and human skulls, and he claims, “If all the jaw muscles clenched with the same force, our teeth would exert a bite force that’s at least 40% greater than any of the other primates, save the gibbon.”


It makes sense that when our mouth is open or ready to be engaged, our muscle memory is triggering the jaw to be involved.


What might an over-involved or tense singing jaw look like?


– Jutting out





– Too far back


– Sidewinder


– Clenching


– Shaking


How might it show up in your singing?


– Interrupt airflow


– Interfere with resonance


– Impede diction


– Inhibit stamina


– And pain


I want to help you with tools that may help allow for a relaxed jaw.


Watch video at the top of the page for demonstrating 5 tools to help you allow for a relaxed jaw… 


1. Position


2. Massage


3. Chew


4. Hollow Cheeks


5. Resting Fingers


Next time you feel your jaw needs some gentle reminders to let go and relax, give one or all of the above relaxation strategies a try.

Let me know how it goes in the comment section below!


Always Rejoice In Your Voice™!

xoxoxo, Tricia


Resources: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/notrocketscience/2010/06/22/who-are-you-calling-weak-human-jaws-are-surprisingly-strong-and-efficient/#.VCwOQyldXJF



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