07 Nov 2014

Singing Lessons: Find High Note Freedom with a Pure Ahhhh Vowel


Do you struggle singing high notes?


Do they feel tight, strained, or constricted? 


Whether you sing pop, jazz, blues, opera, musical theater, or country… you may find your solution to easy high notes by creating a pure ahhhh vowel. 


Before you dive into your favorite English lyric for answers… remember, in theory, English has a pure ah vowel, but in practice most of what we hear in spoken English is not a pure ahhhh. It can be dull, horizontal in the placement, and almost sounds like a uhhhhh or a neutral schwa sound.


Say “America”  “awesome”  “approximately” … Is it any surprise that when we show up to sing a pure vowel we may be a bit lost?


Photo: SPDigital Pixabay
Photo: SPDigital Pixabay


How To Create a Balanced Ahhh Vowel

1. Drop your jaw

2. Create a vertical space

3. Relax the larynx

4. Lift the soft palate

5. Release the tongue – there will be a slight lift in the back of the tongue


Tools to Help You Find Your Ahhhh

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 5.47.27 AM

(watch the the video at the top of the blog for demonstration)


1. Finger on the Hollows of the Cheeks 

2. Yawn

3. Explore the Italian Ahhh Vowel

One of the reasons beginning singers are encouraged to sing Italian Art Song is due to to the purity of the Italian vowels and how well they help the singer find a balanced resonance. 


Watch Pavorotti’s mouth as he sings Nessun Dorma… there are lots of ahhhh’s in this aria.


Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 6.12.05 AM


Below are some additional Italian Diction resources to explore. 




Once you find this resonant ahhh space, practice your high notes.

When you are ready, modify just a bit, and filter your favorite music style through it… 


I’d love to hear from you… Comment below on how these tools work for you…

Always Rejoice In Your Voice™!



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