22 Apr 2016

Voice Lessons: Weird Things I Eat That Help Me Sing Better On Stage

What do you eat before you sing?… dairy, a large meal, chocolate frosting?


I am often asked about the do’s and don’ts of what to nibble on before a performance.


There are no hard and fast rules… but I thought I’d share what I do in hopes it helps you problem-solve this area of your singing prep.


In this video, I share what I eat backstage so I can do my best on stage.


Some of the foods may surprise you…  


Click the video below to watch the lesson. 



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One comment

  1. I am very surprised by some of these foods Tricia! Dairy, and no water! I think the key is whatever works ‘for you’ as you say.

    I also have a problem with a very dry throat before singing, and am open to trying yoghurt and some more cheese, which I’ve always avoided before singing. It is a relief to hear that these things can work for such professionals as yourself – I will try it!


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