05 Nov 2015

Voice Lessons: Tools To Relax Your Tongue As You Explore Resonance

Now that you are exploring some of your soft palate resonance from last week’s lesson, you may find your tongue showing some signs of rebellion…


It may be bunching up or pressing down in the back of the throat, or even tightening as you create sound.


Here is a mini-voice lesson sharing some tools to help the tongue relax as you work your soft palate awareness into your speaking and singing….



Play with these concepts. Don’t force anything. Feel your way through the motions and find the ease in creating the tone.


Just in case you want more tongue tension taming exercises, here’s another teaching… https://rejoiceinyourvoice.com/singing-lessons-5-tools-to-tame-a-tense-tongue/


And until next time, Always Rejoice In Your Voice™!





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