31 Jul 2015

Voice Lessons: Part 6 of “Deliberate Practice” It Ain’t Always Fun!

Pain vs. Pleasure


Let’s face it… all of us struggle to avoid pain and find pleasure… all. day. long.


So, it’s no surprise that when we show up in the practice room to work on our singing or presentations that we want to avoid uncomfortable emotions that make the work not very “fun.” 


My clients share with me that when practice time arrives they face feelings of fear, frustration, resentment, criticism, hopelessness and many other painful emotions. I too have felt those same feelings. What can we do? How can we lean into the emotions to do the deep work to up-level our career?  


The 6th Deliberate Practice Principle


This week, I share with you the last “Deliberate Practice” principle as offered by Geoff Colvin in his best selling book, “Talent Is Overrated.”


The 6th simple, yet deceivingly profound, principle is…


It isn’t always fun.


In this week’s video teaching, I give you some strategies on how to take this principle and work it into your practice time….to help you lean into the painful emotions and get the deep work done anyway.


The Goal


The goal being… for you to take the consistent action needed to help you shift from being an average performer to being an excellent performer.


You and your vision deserve a bigger stage!




Your Homework

1. Click on the video and watch the teaching 

2. Apply my suggestions to your work

3. Be open to other ways that this principle may help refine your performance strategies

4. And, if you are new to this series, go back over the last few weeks and review “Deliberate Practice” principles 1-5


Strive for mastery, my friends. 


Until next time,

Always Rejoice In Your Voice™!





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