21 Nov 2015

Voice Lessons: I may have led you astray…

“Easy” – it is a term I use often when describing aspects of the vocal technique that I teach. 


Last week I heard from a viewer that said, “Tricia, singing is not easy!” 


Here’s  my response… 


When the speaker or singer can release these limited beliefs, they begin to train the body, the muscles, and the breath mechanism as well as activate the natural resonators… which allows creating sound to feel easy.


But like an athlete, the body must be very strong and active, the muscle coordination aligned, and the balance between flexibility, expansion and contraction exercised. Add to that the tender awareness of individual psychology and personal beliefs…  this is not easy.


It is a daily practice of meeting the conflict, joy, resistance, break-throughs, frustration, excitement and surrender and a million other feelings unique to you – a precious life-long process.


Can doing the work I teach make singing and speaking feel easy. Yes.

Is it easy? No.


Like any relationship worth having, we bring our intellect, body, heart, and soul to the vocal integration process, therein lies the beauty, the work and the desired results.


How lucky are we to be on this path!  

Always Rejoice In Your Voice™!




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