05 Feb 2015

Voice Lessons: Create a great beginning… Discover your balanced vocal onset

How do you create your sound? Take a moment to feel it…


What does your breath do? How do the vocal folds come together?


What is happening from the onset?

Click on the above video for full instruction and exercises on finding your balanced vocal onset



Let’s bring awareness to the initial steps of how you make sound…


Plato Quote



Making sound… when a singer or speaker uses a strong, expressive and confident voice, it sets us, the audience, at ease and we listen to what they have to share.


There are many aspects to the study of voice, but observing how you create sound from the onset may provide valuable breakthroughs in your vocal technique and your effectiveness in communicating your passion.


Allowing for…


– a relaxed inhale


– an efficient breath management


– a balanced onset of sound


…may add greatly to your vocal appeal and health.


What is a balanced onset?




Here’s what is isn’t…


– Hard Onset “Grunt”

When the vocal folds come together with a plosive or click


– Soft Onset “Whisper”

When too much air is flowing through the vocal folds while making sound


– Balanced Onset

Where the vocal folds come together with ease and efficiency – just the right amount of airflow and the right amount of “pressure” to create sound


In vocal music there is a lot of room for stylistic expression that involves both the hard and soft onset.

From blues, to pop, to country and German Lieder, these elements are often heard in the professional music industry.


I would like for you, as an artist, as a communication enthusiast, is to see these elements as tools or colors to add in when crafting your message – not a habit – not an unconscious reaction to the moment.


Music trends and styles will change, but when you truly understand your instrument and all the colors of your voice that are available to you, it gives you mastery over the art you are creating and keeps you connected to the core of your message.


Watch the above video for complete instructions and exercises using…




…to help you discover your balanced onset when creating sound.


Have fun with this and let me know how it goes. I would love to hear from you… share your experience in the comment section below.

Until next week, Rejoice In Your Voice™!

xoxoxox, Tricia



  1. I LOVE your videos Tricia! You as so wonderful, smart, talented and I’m THRILLED that you’re sharing this amazing information with the world! HUGS!

  2. Thank you, Cena! You are the sweetest. I so appreciate your feedback. Big hugs to you! xoxoxo


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