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21 Feb 2014

Singing Lessons: This Full Body Warm-up Will Help Open Up Your Voice – Part 1

As a singer,actor, or public speaker you are your instrument. We are very much like athletes… conditioning our bodies and minds; fine-tuning our skills for peak performance. We cultivate stamina, endurance, flexibility, and expect consistent results. Unnecessary tension may hinder our true voices from being expressed. But like an athlete, a good warm-up may unleash potential and positively impact our process, as well as help in meeting our goals.  It is for this reason that over the next few weeks, I am sharing with you a series of warm-ups that will… alleviate tension, enhance focus, and encourage space for a relaxed and open sound.

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14 Feb 2014

Singing Lessons: 6 Must-Do-Steps When Learning Your New Song

  Six Must-Do-Steps When Learning Your New Song   So, you picked a new song. You love it…it is in your vocal range, sits nicely in your tessitura, and is a piece you feel drawn to perform.   Now what?   Here are my six must-do-steps when learning a new song and a process that I encourage […]

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06 Feb 2014

Performance Strategy: Feeling Stuck? No matter what you love to sing – from Country, to Choral, to Opera – this tool is for you!

  Click on the above video to hear how I used performance cards to liven-up an tired song and nail an audition.      No matter what you love to sing… from Country, to Choral, to Opera – this tool is just for you!   Regardless of the genre of music you like to sing […]

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