Tag: vocal fatigue

21 Nov 2014

Singing Lessons: Want a simple tool to get into the “feel” of your singing voice?… just close your eyes!

Singers are smart.  We know how to take in information from a multitude of sources, make adjustments, and instantly apply it to our work; from the practice room to lessons, auditions, rehearsals, and to performances, we are highly observant, coachable, and eager to serve. But sometimes this outward focus may become our dominant tool and we forget to nurture the inner feel of the voice.

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10 Oct 2014

Singing Lessons: 5 Tools To Tame A Tense Tongue

The tongue is necessary for singing – making vowels, consonants… sharing those lyrics we love so much. But, sometimes the tongue may be tense or tight, especially at the tongue root, causing additional pressure or tension on the larynx, which houses the vocal folds. This could cause a chain reaction and show up in our vocal production

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