16 Oct 2014

Singing Lessons: 5 Tools to Relax Your Neck While Singing

Do you have a breathy tone?


Or perhaps while singing you feel a strain that you can’t seem to relieve.


Maybe you tire easily after talking or singing.


Or those high notes are difficult to sing?


You may have unnecessary neck tension.


Medical Illustrator: Patrick J. Lynch
Medical Illustrator: Patrick J. Lynch


The average head weighs about 10-11 pounds… as our magnificent neck holds this weight and houses our precious vocal folds… there may be some habits that have crept in over time that may not serve you in your singing.


Medical Graphic by Anatomography
Medical Graphic by Anatomography


Last week we took a look at tongue tension, the week before we talked about a tight jaw, and this week I am sharing 5 tools that encourage a relaxed neck…


1. Posture


2. Inhale and Exhale


3. 3 Stretches


4. Motion While Singing


5. Mind-Set


Click on above video for complete teaching on the 5 Tools for Neck Relaxation.


Spend some time this week exploring how you may allow for more freedom in your neck.


Play with the above tools and see what awareness is given to you about your instrument and your daily activities.


I would love to hear from you…Please share your insights and tips for a relaxed neck in the comment section below.


Always Rejoice In Your Voice™! xoxoxo Tricia 



  1. I love your blog! So many great tips and advice. These exercises are wonderful. I also find that putting a warm compress on your face and neck in the morning and evening helps; doing some basic neck strengthening exercises (there are some good ones around on the internet – I’d recommend videos by chiropractor, Paula Moore); doing hums and lip bubbles while gently stretching, and doing gentle mini-massages with your fingertips circling around your neck muscles. I love your mindset tip too. I find that even telling yourself to “be gentle, relax your muscles” helps – it’s amazing what your mind is capable of. 🙂 🙂

    1. I am so glad! You made my day!And thank YOU for sharing your tips… I will definitely check out Paula Moore 🙂 It is so true about the mind-set… I have added words into my study such as playful, being curious, exploring, and having fun and it has very much changed my practice and performances.So fun!


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