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26 Sep 2014

How Understanding Your Giving Philosophy May Help You Perform Better

We often talk about the “gift of song” and this week I realized how closely my gift-giving philosophy and my giving-of-song philosophy were related. I discovered some interesting things – some I liked… others need some revision.

How we live is how we sing and I found this area to be no exception. Join me as we take a look a giving in our lives and in our music…

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05 Jun 2014

Crave more fun? How I faced my inner critics and found more joy!

I did something this week that surprised even me; I signed up for dance class. With my performance background, it may not appear to be too far a stretch 🙂 … but this choice had nothing to do with resumes, backgrounds, or to-do lists… and everything to do with heart. And like with most tender ideas, it began with an intense tug-of-war as all of my inner critics gathered to tell me they thought…

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25 Apr 2014

Awesome Speak-Singing Exercise Inspired by Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Dave Mason

Imagine being 68 years-old, singing and playing music you love to sold out crowds across the globe… this is the life of Dave Mason, Hall of Fame inductee and singer/song writer/ guitarist of the 60’s band Traffic. This week,I was lucky enough to see his Denver concert and meet him back-stage. Here are 6 things Dave Mason does to keep his voice youthful, plus a vocal exercise to use elements of your natural speaking voice to help you sing with ease.

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