14 Dec 2013

Part 3: Sit-up and Sing!… It’s not what you think


Sit-up and Sing! – It’s not what you think…


In part three of this five-part series: sharing creative ways to integrate breath in to your singing, I show you how a modified sit-up can activate your core and connect your breath and body to your singing voice.


In parts one and two, I demonstrated how to use an exercise ball and a standard exercise squat to get your breath moving and grounded…


Today, I will show how a type of sit-up can put your sound in and on your body.


Different Strokes for Different Folks


I believe there is not only one way to understand or explain breath management. For me, it took looking at breath from many different angles to allow the concept to solidify.


For different types of learners, different explanations will expedite the process. For those of us that are primarily kinesthetic learners – these movement exercises are very helpful to round out the concept surrounding breath and sound. This exercise is a variation passed on to me by master teacher Madeline Abel-Kerns of the Body, Breath, Sing™ Method. 


Let’s begin


Remember to relax and provide lots of space in your body.


The most important thing to remember when doing this exercise is to remain relaxed. The goal is not to fight for washboard abs… the goal is to move breath and then add sound through the body in a new way… giving you a feeling of full-body engagement and connection.


Your spine is long, your neck and jaw are relaxed. Be careful not to thrust your neck or jaw forward when moving.




1. Sit on the floor


2. Move your torso to your bent knees


3. Expel all the breath and allow your breath to naturally fill in. You will feel your lower abdominals expand.


4. On the exhale, begin moving slowly backward. Do not go all the way to the ground. (watch video demonstration)


5. If you still have breath to exhale, keep the motion going by continuing the motion and moving your torso gently back up into your starting position.


6. Expel all the air and naturally inhale again.


7. Add sound
Try the same steps, but this time on the exhale add a sustained sound… remembering to remain relaxed in your neck and jaw.


The Results?


For my students and me, we have found this exercise, like the others in the five-part series, allows you to…


~ Experience in a new way what it feels like to breathe and sing from your core

~ Authentically engage low-diaphragmatic breathing

~ Feel the muscle coordination in creating the circle of breath with sound

~ Put the sound “in and on” the body

~ Have more stamina while singing

~ Integrate more efficient breath management


Your Turn….


Don’t take my word for it. Sit-up and sing for yourself… you’ll find your breath awareness increase, and your muscle coordination will allow you to sing more efficiently. Watch the demo video below…


If you have questions or discoveries, please let me know in the comment section. I always love to hear from you. 


Rejoice In Your Voice™!


Have a great week! xxoxox ~ Tricia


Click the video to watch the “Sit-up and Sing!” demo




  1. Very helpful for speakers too! Thanks!

    1. Thank you, Cindy, for your comment. I agree with you. I do lots of speaking and I have found these exercises to help me project naturally and have more stamina. Thanks for reading! Best wishes with your speaking engagements!

  2. You r so honest in your saying… luvd what u said, indeed a real help in singing…..plz to cr


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