30 Oct 2014

Singing Lessons: Shrug Off Singing Tension with 5 Shoulder Stretches

Medical Illustration: Mikael Haggstrom
Medical Illustration: Mikael Haggstrom

For singers, unnecessary tension in the shoulders may hinder an authentic and free sound from being expressed.


Yet, for many of us, shoulder tension is a part of daily life. Whether from hours at the computer, carrying heavy handbags or backpacks, or trying to balance all the responsibilities of life… our shoulders feel knotted, tight, and tense.


Photo By: maebmij at Flickr
Photo By: maebmij at Flickr


To sing with more freedom, let’s shrug off the cares of the world and spend some time relaxing those hard-working muscles.


Here are five shoulder stretches to use before you start singing.


Click video below to watch stretch demonstrations…



Make these a part of your daily practice warm-up.


If you have back, neck, or shoulder issues, please check with your doctor before doing these stretches. 


What do you do to relieve shoulder tension? Share with us your secrets in the comment section below…


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