28 Aug 2015

How to Learn Your Song Step-By-Step



Put the music down.


Building the connected relationship with your voice-body comes first.


I want to help you find the music in and on your body and to do that – I would like you to sloooooow down and take it note-by-note, step-by-step…




Just for fun, put the music aside and let’s explore the melody without the structure the composer has created.


Click on the video below for this lesson… 



Take the time to teach your body your music…  


Not only will you have a more connected and aware relationship with your voice-body instrument, but when you venture out into the world to share your song, your message – your body will have deep muscle memory attached to the melody and how best to sing it… because you have taken the time to work it in.


When your nerves kick in, and they will kick in – you can lean into them and use them with confidence; YOU, not your nerves, will steal the show! 


Until next time, Always Rejoice In Your Voice™!

xoxoxo, Tricia


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