14 Aug 2015

Voice Lessons: Connect More Deeply To Your Breath With This Artful Exercise

Because singers and vocalists are wind instruments, I’d like to get you thinking and feeling about your breath in a different way.


This easy, but powerful, exercise around imagery is something you can return to time and time again to further connect with how you are experiencing your breath.



Click the video below to watch the lesson…




Stop for a moment… take in a breath. 


Grab your crayons and a blank piece of paper… how would you draw your breath going into your body?


What color or colors would you use?

What is the texture?

Where does it go in your body?

How big is it?

It is moving quickly or slowly?

Is it thick or thin? 

Does it narrow or widen in some places?


Does it get stuck somewhere, stop, or is there a feeling of not enough, pushing or holding?


What comes up for you as you explore this visual idea of the source of your sound?


*And, even for those that go directly to an anatomically accurate picture – play with this… 




Now, take a breath in and exhale completely. What does breath look and feel like as it travels out of your body…


Take some time to draw the exhale as well. 


Unique To You


Everyone senses this differently. I feel no two pictures will be exactly alike. The possibilities are endless.


Through this exercise, you will be given awareness of how you experience breath.


And, this experience will come up for you when you are using your voice in conversation, speaking to groups, and when singing.


The Shift


This time, take those crayons and draw how you wish to experience the breath both on the inhale and the exhale.


If you are feeling stuck – open up the image.


If you feel tight or restricted – change colors or widen the flow – playing with texture and pattern may help.


If it feels limited – deepening the source and fluidity of the breath may give you a feeling of expansion.


Keep your ideal breath image near your working space to remind you of your new awareness. 


The Inspiring Result


This experience can be not only fun, but very inspiring 🙂 


It is a wonderful way to explore and shift the details of your breathing experience.


This exploration may well be the key to transforming how you share your message and vision.


Have fun! And, Always Rejoice In Your Voice™!

xoxox, Tricia


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