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20 Nov 2016

Resonance – How are you using your vocal resonators?

Your resonance is what makes the color of your sound… your tone. Understanding what your resonators are may help allow for a sound that not only feels better, but sound better as well…less strain, less breathiness, less push, or more natural volume.

In this video I share a brief overview of resonance and offer some ideas on how to use them.

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03 Apr 2014

Emotions… are you faking it? 6 Steps to Take Your Singing to a Deeper Level

Music connects the memories of our life and for those of us whose calling is to hold the silence and fill it with our song know all too well the vulnerability necessary to transcend the body to reach another person on a heart level. We are the storytellers, the torchbearers that draw people out and into the beauty of wholeness… embracing shadow and light – death and life, love and hate. Music gives us permission and space to feel the entirely of our human experience.

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06 Feb 2014

Performance Strategy: Feeling Stuck? No matter what you love to sing – from Country, to Choral, to Opera – this tool is for you!

  Click on the above video to hear how I used performance cards to liven-up an tired song and nail an audition.      No matter what you love to sing… from Country, to Choral, to Opera – this tool is just for you!   Regardless of the genre of music you like to sing […]

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