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20 Dec 2013

Part 4: Singers! This Band Will Support You!

In part four of my five part series: sharing creative ways to integrate breath into your singing, I show you how to use an exercise band to connect with your core and create a supported sound. Feel how breath, sound, and motion move as one. Feel the muscle coordination that is gently working to create your sound. Feel the openness of the sound as it exits your body. Feel your entire body singing.

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25 Oct 2013

Breathing Exercise for Singing: How to Sing Louder With Less Effort

Do you wish your voice were louder?  Or perhaps you have a large voice, but find when you are singing loudly you are experiencing some vocal fatigue. Maybe there is a phrase of music that you need to sing all in one breath, but are having difficulty managing your breath? Surprisingly, the solution to these issues may be one simple exercise and today I am going to share it with you…

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17 Sep 2013

3 Life Lessons From Brünnehilde

Stan asked me to come and photograph rehearsals of their upcoming production of the Mini-Ring – a four hour reduced version of the five day full Ring Cycle. Who would I be photographing, you ask? If only you could see my smile…right now…none other than international and national opera stars, several of whom have performed at the Metropolitan Opera House. Jay Hunter Morris, Lori Phillips, Richard Paul Fink, Sarah Heltzel, Phillip Skinner, Kevin Langen, Sally Wolf, and Joseph Hu. I was so excited to be with all of these wonderful people…and my expectations were exceeded. I went with a heart to learn, and here’s what this handful of Wagnerian Gods and Goddesses taught me…

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