So glad you are here. Whether you were referred by a friend, found me while searching online or caught one of my youtube videos and followed the link, it is great you have you here.



I am an international voice instructor, singer, actress, public speaker, and spokesperson fiercely dedicated to helping you share your best voice with the world.

I have 30-years of professional singing and public speaking experience. I have been teaching an integrated approach to voice for 16 years and am a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing. I hold a Masters in Music from Manhattan School of Music in New York City and was a part of Actors Equity for 10 years. I teach students online and in my private studio in Colorado.

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Watch Videos

Want to take the deep dive and learn a lot about your voice. I have lots of videos on my blog. I share tips and tools about how to sing louder, increase resonance, expand your range, performing with more confidence and a lot topics to support you and your voice.


Download This

I made this for you so you could start taking vocal action today. This 30-minute car or at home warm-up will give you some things to try on as you get ready for your next gig, show or presentation. It is a mix of instruction and singing through the notes top to bottom. Use it in your car, at home or a walk down a quiet country road.

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Here’s what my clients have to say

Whether you are an folk singer or and opera singer, you like to wail the blues, serenade with smooth jazz or bust out the rockin’ high notes, a speaker who shares your story from the stage, on the radio or TV… I have tools that can help you up level your how you use your voice.

My clients get results. This work works. But don’t just take my word for it… check out these success stories from my students around the world.